December 15, 2016 (Calhoun, GA) — TabPilot released version 6.0 of its mobile device management solution for schools this week. The new version easily scales to handle large districts with thousands of devices at each school location. Most of the scalability was accomplished by introducing a new district-level structure that allows individual school locations to be created and managed either centrally or independently within the district, rather than having separate accounts per school.

Some of the advantages of the new, larger district structure are the ability to share VPP and DEP accounts among multiple schools within the district as well as the ability to define settings, policies, and even network configurations district-wide. Previous versions required these items to be configured separately for each school. The new version allows district administrators to delegate school-level management to school technicians, restricting them to management of only one or more assigned schools.

“Until now, TabPilot was ideal for schools and districts with device deployments ranging from a few dozen to a few thousand devices,” said Jarrett Volzer, founder and CEO of TabPilot. “As we’ve seen more and more customers with larger device deployments coming on-board with TabPilot, we wanted to enhance our interface to better accommodate them. Now we can scale tenfold or more by simply adding additional school locations within the district structure.”

Volzer further explained the scalability of TabPilot 6.0, “Our system has always been hosted on AWS, Amazon’s world-class system, to allow for high performance, high availability, and virtually unlimited scalability on the back end. With version 6.0 the front-end organization now makes the large-scale deployments easy to manage while maintaining the ease-of-use that has been making TabPilot a popular choice for schools.”

Since 2012, TabPilot has been providing school-specific mobile device management solutions to the K-12 market. TabPilot is being used in schools across the U.S. and worldwide. For more information or to schedule a live demo or free trial of TabPilot visit

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