TabPilot Control Tower

  • App Enabler: Teachers configure available apps, students are locked out of everything else
  • Web Link Manager: Teachers create shortcuts to Web Sites
  • App Distribution: Teachers/Admins easily install apps remotely on an entire set of tablets
  • Content Distribution: push files such as e-books and PDF files directly to devices for off-line readin

The TabPilot Control Tower is the cloud-based interface where teachers configure the apps, web links and settings to be used on a set of tablets.  Control Tower is accessed through any standard web browser.   Teachers can configure their choices even before the tablets are in the room, then simply apply that configuration with a single click when ready.  For example, they can set up the apps they want enabled for tomorrow’s class while doing lesson planning the prior day.








Easy to Use: Minimal training is required with TabPilot.  Navigation from the main menu is simple and intuitive.









It’s easy to enable apps:  Select from the “All Apps” list and click “Add to My Apps.”







Build your school’s local App Database:  With TabPilot, there’s no need to manually download apps to each tablet.  Install to a single tablet, then pull the installer for the app from the tablet into your school’s TabPilot database with the “Fetch Installer” button.  TabPilot will connect to the tablet wirelessly and copy the installer to your database so that you can install it remotely to a group of tablets.



Push & Install Missing Apps to Tablets: Wirelessly push missing apps to tablets that need them.  There’s no need to configure a Google Play account on every tablet, or manually download apps.

On select tablets, including TabPilot’s own brand of devices, the apps will install automatically in the background.  Some tablets may require user interaction to complete the process.

Add web links: Teachers create web site links which can be pushed to the tablets.  Links appear as icons on home screens, just like apps.



Choose Your Look:  Teachers can choose solid color or graphical wallpaper backgrounds for the tablets.  Since students are locked out of settings on the tablets with the TabPilot Launch & Lock interface, they cannot change these.  Choose scenes or solid colors for older students or our own set of graphics for younger ones.







Update tablets with a single click: Teachers update a group of tablets with their choice of apps, web links, and settings with a single click.  Their administrator can enable access to apply their choices to different groups of tablets, making the system ideal for a shared-cart environment.  The teacher simply selects the group of tablets they are using from the drop-down list and clicks the “Activate my Configuration” button.






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