TabPilot Tablet Manager

Our cloud-based tablet management consists of TabPilot Control Tower™,  the cloud-based control center, and TabPilot Launch & Lockis the student tablet interface.  Control Tower communicates with the tablets running Launch & Lock wirelessly, via the web.

TabPilot Control Tower™

Teachers access the Control Tower from a web browser and choose which apps they want to enable for the students.  They simply press a button to apply their configuration to a group of tablets. Then the Control Tower sends a wireless signal to the tablets.  If the teacher selects apps that are not yet available on all tablets, TabPilot will allow the app to be sent wirelessly to the device that needs it for automatic installation*.

TabPilot Control Tower is cloud-based, so there’s nothing to install.  It is available through an affordable, annual subscription.

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* app installer will push to any tablet.  Select tablets also allow for automatic installation too.

TabPilot Launch & Lock™ Student Tablet Interface

Students launch ONLY applications enabled by their teacher.  Students are blocked from settings and also from in-app purchases.











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Breea Freedom HD Tablets

Our Tablets or Yours!

The TabPilot system runs on a variety of Android-powered devices.  Please check with us to see if your model of tablet has been tested with TabPilot.  We also offer our own Breea Freedom HD tablets, featuring the ability to broadcast the teacher tablet screen to a classroom projector.  Breea tablets are affordable and comepre-loaded with TabPilot.  Breea tablets cost less than $300 each.




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Tablet Carts and Charging Cabinets


Our tablet cart was carefully designed for tablet storage, charging, and transport.  The cart’s small 2′ X 2′ footprint makes it easy to fit into the classroom.  Access tablets through the front of the cart.  A separate locking door on the back allows access to the plugs and chargers. The cart is sturdy and stable for transport between classrooms or for movement within a classroom.










Made in the USA!  The charging cabinet holds up to 20 devices and can be mounted to a wall.  Like the cart, it also has a separate door for accessing the chargers and plugs.  In 1-to-1 tablet deployments to students, the cabinet makes for an ideal place for students to turn in tablets for safe storage and charging when they are not needed for class.  Some schools operate a system like a “coat check” where students get a tag with their slot number for retrieving their device later.




TabPilot TabletCare Protection

Protect your tablets against accidental damage and theft with TabletCare. If a tablet is accidentally damaged, you’ll receive the full replacement cost of the tablet after a low $25 deductible.

Coverage is provided by our national insurance partner. Your tablets are covered both inside and outside of the school building.  Typical rates are $33 per 7″ tablet annually.  Coverage for 10″ tablets is generally under $40 per year.