Mac Features

Features available to mange OS X computers

OS X is the most recent addition to TabPilot.  We are building out the features for OS X and currently in beta.  We’d love to have you join us in the beta program.

Fast Setup and default Admin Account with DEP

Use Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) for fast deployment.  By registering your device serial numbers (or Apple order number) into DEP ahead of time, your Macs will automatically enroll into TabPilot the first time they boot up.  You can specify certain setup assistant features to be skipped.  DEP enrollment also allows you to choose whether the user’s account will be a standard or administrator account and you can even have it configure your administrator account for you, with the option to make it hidden on the device.

Device Hardware Inventory

Grab key information about any device, including a list of all installed apps.  View individual device info, or view or export a table of all devices for complete inventory, sorted by any field.

App Distribution


Manage and distribute apps to your OS X computers.  Apps are easily added from your VPP account and assigned to groups or classes for automatic, silent installation.

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