TabPilot Classroom Features

Explore the great classroom management features available to teachers.

Simple, Intuitive Navigation

Teachers won’t need much training to use TabPilot Control Tower thanks to the easy-to-use interface.  The administrator can hide all unwanted functions to keep the teacher menus neat and clean. TabPilot brings classroom management features to MDM.


Design Home Screen Layouts

Teachers can design their own home screen layouts to be applied to student devices in their class.  It’s super easy with our drag-and-drop interface to place icons on a screen or in the dock.   Students will see only the items added to their screen layout and all other apps will be prevented from running.  A different wallpaper can be selected for each layout too.

Monitor Student Screens

Teachers keep an eye on student devices by viewing thumbnail images of an entire class of student screens or with a large view of any individual device.  The function is integrated into Control Tower for Android users and included with Apple Classroom (fully integrated with TabPilot to sync rosters) for iOS users.

Control iPads by class

View all iPads in a class.  Freeze student screens with Screen Lock, restrict to one app with App Lock, restrict to one or more sites with Web Lock, Clear passcodes on iPads, start mirroring to Apple TV, and spot devices with low battery.

Freeze Student Screens

With Screen Lock, teachers select one or more devices from the classroom list and freeze the student screens with a custom message.  It’s the fastest way to get “eyes up front!”  The entire class, or just individual tablets can be released for the students to go back to work right where they left off.  Screen Lock is available for Android and iOS.


App Lock

Want the whole class to be working in the same app, without distractions?  App Lock launches the app on all devices and locks students in.  Choose the same app for the whole class, or only specific tablets.  Release them all at once or one at a time…great for directed, individualized learning!  App Lock is available on iOS and soon on Android too.

Manage by Class

In one-to-one deployments, managing tablets by fixed group (i.e. cart or set) is just not possible since student devices don’t stay together as a group as classes change.  TabPilot Classes feature solves this by allowing teachers to create tablet groups by class, including just the student devices in each class to allow class-by-class control and configuration.

Web Links

Teachers create web links which are made available for students to use on the tablets, either as a bookmark, or in restricted mode, which prevents browsing to other sites.


Teachers upload content files to be distributed to student devices. Distribute documents, graphics, e-books and more. TabPilot File Locker (available for for iOS and Android) allows students to easily browse and view teacher-distributed files. File Locker for iOS even includes a built-in viewer for many common file types.

FocalPoint Secure Browser for Android

The FocalPoint add-on for TabPilot provides a secure browsing environment.  There’s no URL bar in FocalPoint, so students cannot browse to sites other than the ones configured by the teacher.  The teacher can choose whether links to other sites are allowed or not.  Web links are created in Control Tower and distributed to all the tablets in a group or class.  FocalPoint is ideal for online testing, test practice, or for turning a web site into a dedicated learning activity.

FocalPoint is also the ideal browser for shared-used devices because it can automatically clear cache, cookies, and memorized passwords after each use.

Web Lock for iOS

Web Lock for iOS allows you to set Safari to remain locked to a single site or a selected group of sites.  Enter a URL on the fly or save web links to used for future selection.  Not only does Safari remain locked into the selected site(s) but Web Lock will also prevent Safari from being closed or other apps from being run.  The iPad home button will be disabled, thus locking the student into Safari and the selected sites.

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