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Explore the great MDM features available to IT Administrators

Simple, Intuitive Navigation and Function

IT functions are easy to find and intuitive to use. Unlike mobile device management systems that were designed for the corporate enterprise market, you won’t need to take classes and get certifications to use TabPilot!  With access to our tutorial videos, excellent documentation, and a bit of looking through the system you’ll find it easy to jump right in with MDM from TabPilot.

Fast Setup and Registration

It’s fast to get up and running with TabPilot.  Register from a simple web page or enjoy automatic device registration using Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP).  Alternately, you can download a profile for use with Apple Configurator’s blueprint feature.  Watch our video to see how iPads can be enrolled in 26 seconds using DEP.

Manage iOS Apps

Add apps from Apple App Store, or through the Volume Purchase Program (VPP).  Apps are easily assigned and installed to any group of devices.

VPP apps will install silently on student iPads without prompting for passwords.  When VPP apps are removed from devices, the licenses are reclaimed for reuse on different devices.

Manage Android Apps

Choose which apps are available for teachers to make visible to students.  Apps can be assigned to any home screen on the tablet’s Launch & Lock interface.  Fetch apps from tablets to distribute to other devices. Rename apps to provide more friendly name for students.  Flag apps as favorites.  Manage app licensing to ensure compliance.

Distribute Apps

Remotely distribute apps to entire groups of devices.  Upgrade apps to new versions.  Installation happens silently in the background for iOS devices (VPP apps) and on Android that support TabPilot Enhanced Mode.

App Inventory

Quickly take inventory of all your free and paid apps and find out which devices have each app installed.  Remotely uninstall apps from selected devices on both Android and iOS platforms.  Export your apps list to a CSV file.

Find Lost Devices

TabPilot can help find lost or stolen tablets with the locations feature.  Lost Mode in iOS 9.3 and above allows administrators to lock the screen of a missing device with a custom lost message (i.e. “if found, please return to…”) and then locate the device on a map.  The feature works even if the user has disabled location services.

Schedule Profiles

Activate profiles on a schedule for any device group and on any schedule – before school, after school, testing week, holiday, etc.

Fine-tune permissions

Control which roles have access to which functions in TabPilot. Disable features not in use by your school or not needed by teachers to keep their menu simple and clean, showing only necessary functions.

Set restrictions

Some MDMs list a huge array of restrictions, including ones that are useless for schools.  At TabPilot we eliminate the “corporate” settings such as data plan restrictions, and provide a concise, easy to use list of restrictions that apply to schools.

We support the latest restrictions available in iOS 9.3 such as disabling Apple Music and  Apple Music Radio.

Enable Educational Testing Restrictions on iPads

 A single checkbox allows the administrator to quickly enable 4 key restrictions helpful when using iPads in a testing environment.  The feature disables spell-check, auto-correct, definition lookup and predictive text.

Networks, Proxies, and Certificates

Set up multiple network definitions, each with multiple SSIDs.  Each network can be defined with a Global Proxy too (for iOS).  TabPilot can also distribute and install certificates, to make connection through your filtering proxy easy.

Bulk Erase and Clear Activation Lock

When iPads are returned at the end of a year, use the bulk erase or bulk clear of activation lock functions in TabPilot to speed through the process of preparing the iPads.  Corporate-focused MDMs force you to do this one device at a time because they don’t understand the unique work-flow of how schools manage iPads.

Blacklist iOS apps

Add apps to the school blacklist to prevent them from running on any iPad (iOS 9.3 or above).  The blacklist can be applied to specific groups, so you can blacklist apps from students, but not teachers, for example.  Some MDMs only warn admins or execute some task if a blacklisted app is accessed, but TabPilot truly prevents the app from running, even if it’s already installed on the iPad.


Configure Apple TVs for mirroring

Register your Apple TVs with the ID and password and distribute the list to the iPads.  Now student iPads can broadcast to Apple TVs without the need for students to know any of the passwords.  Or restrict the use of the feature to teachers so that only they can start a student iPad mirroring to the Apple TV in their classroom using the teacher classroom controls in TabPilot Control Tower.

Happy Customers in US schools and around the world

TabPilot MDM for Schools
We use the system on a daily basis and are completely satisfied.


TabPilot MDM for Schools

Since we started using TabPilot our teachers have actually been using the iPads more effectively! Before there were many games played…now teachers are starting to recognize what they can do…this has allowed us to justify purchasing more iPads.

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