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The Free Edition is limited to 2 devices and a single teacher account and some features may not be available (see chart below).  Free Edition accounts must be accessed at least once every 90 days to remain active.

Try the Standard Edition free for 30-days.  Install the Standard Edition on an entire class-set of tablets.

  1. Launch & Lock License Purchase: One time purchase, lifetime transferable (as devices are replaced).  Purchase includes first year subscription to Control Tower.  Standard price is $50 per license, one per device.  Discounts are available for quantity purchases.
  2. Control Tower Subscription: Annual subscription to the cloud-based management console.  Price ranges from $5 to $12 per device per year based on quantity of devices on a per-school basis.  The first year is included free with the Launch & Lock license purchase.
Standard Edition
Free 30-day trial 
Free Edition
Price per Launch & Lock License $50-qty. discounts free
Annual Subscription to Control Tower $5-$10/device/yr. based on quantity free
Max. Devices Unlimited 2
Teacher/Admin Accounts Unlimited 1
Device Groups
App Distribution Features
Upload custom wallpaper backgrounds
Cloud-based Control Tower access    
Launch & Lock Lock-down Features  
App Enable/Disable Features  
Web Link Features  
Multiple Launch & Lock Backgrounds  
Content/Files Features  
App Inventory Features  


FocalPoint App: free
Control Tower Subscription (required): $3 per device per year add-on to Tablet Manager or $6 per device per year stand-alone system


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