Our Story

TabPilot Learning Systems began business with the purpose of meeting a need in the educational technology field that was not being met by other technology products.  While consulting for schools that were experimenting with tablets, TabPilot founder and President, Jarrett Volzer, began to seek a good tablet management system that would work well in the school environment.  The existing market was comprised mostly of MDM systems that were designed for use by IT professionals at large enterprise organizations, filled with features that were not needed by schools, lacking ease-of-use, and also missing classroom management features needed by schools.  These products were clearly not designed to allow teachers to monitor and control what student can access in the classroom to help keep them on-task.  So the idea TabPilot was born!

The idea was to create a system that would allow teachers to use a web-based control panel to manage a group of tablets that would be used in their class, configuring apps that students could access and locking out settings.  The system would need to work wirelessly (no USB sync cables!) and would provide tools for distributing apps and content too.

The TabPilot Tablet Manager was built based on the needs of teachers and IT staff.  Since it’s release in 2012, we have have spoken with educators at many schools, and gathered many great ideas.  The system has since been expanded from app management to handle files and web link management too.  We continue to expand based on feedback from our users to offer the best combination of MDM features for the IT department and CMS (classroom management) for the classroom teachers.