The Problems

Tablets in the classroom can create problems
when students:

– Get off task with other apps or games

– Change system settings

– Access the camera

– Have too many apps to sort through

– Access other apps during testing


Mobile Device

For IT Admins
Save time, reduce management burden

– Manage & distribute apps

– Track app licensing

– Set policies

– Configure permissions

– Take inventory


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The Solution

TabPilot solves these problems and
keeps students on task.

– Students see only teacher-enabled apps

– Students are locked out of system settings

– Students cannot access camera unless enabled

– Teachers choose apps to enable or disable

– Teachers/admins remotely distribute apps & files


Classroom & Content Management

For Teachers
Keep students on-task, teach more – manage less

– Freeze screens for “Heads Up!”

– Monitor student screens

– Single apps mode

– Distribute content

– Create web links


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